Does my trike fit?

The Arcus fairing has been tested with following trike models:

It has been measured by us that the fairing fits to the following trike models:

The Arcus fairing can also be assembled to other trikes than mentioned in the list above, we just can’t give you a 100% guarantee, but with a little DIY attitude you can in most cases do it.

We recommend that you change the steering to a tiller steering. If not, then you have to cut some openings to the wheel boxes.

You can easily check if your trike model fits into the Arcus fairing.

The first thing is to measure the track width (from middle to middle of the front tires), it should be between 75 – 80 cm.

If the track width is more than this, you can order a special extension for it.

AVM FINAL 1-2 levennys - Versio 2
You should place the seat as back as possible for easier stepping in.

If you have an ICE Adventure or an ICE Sprint we suggest that you buy the additional FB bracket
for moving the seat as back as possible. Azub Tricon had a clever system for moving the seat and HP Gekko and Scorpion have the seat already far enough.

ICE penkin siirto

The crucial measurement is the one from the front axle to the end of the windscreen, here 85 cm.
There must be enough room to rotate the pedals with the biking shoes attached!



You can also attach your computer to a beamer, this way you can beam the picture below in 1/1 to a wall and put the trike in front of it.

   Front horizontal tube


This way you can easily adjust the right position of the horizontal front tube.

If everything is OK you can send us an eMail ( Please allow around 6 weeks for the delivery.
You have to pay the order confirmation fee (500 €) first. When this fee has arrived we start the actual production in the color you have chosen. After the fairing is ready we will inform you to pay the rest. After that we will deliver the fairing to the you. Please remember that the transport of a large item (260 x 86 x 120) like this costs from Finland to other parts of Europe from 300 – 600 €. Ask the exact transfer costs by sending an e-mail to us where you have written your exact address. (

The transfer costs are the same for one or more fairings, so you can easily lower the transfer costs by ordering e.g. with your friend more than one fairing at the same time!




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