Arcus EN

The Arcus velomobile, designed by Mr Arto Joutsimäki, is a new design for a fully faired velomobile.

Mr Joutsimäki has worked on the design for three years and tested the prototype a lot during the last years.

Arcus can only be bought as a DIY project, so you can buy just the fairing and assemble it directly to your recumbent trike. The model is suitable only for a tadpole trike, this means two wheels in front and one back. The easiest way is to assemble it to a ICE Adventure or Sprint or a Azub Tricon. If you have a different trike, please see more detailed info from the Does my trike fit -page.

We are also looking for dealers around Europe who could build the Arcus ready of you.

The fairing weights around 14 kg so the whole weight with e.g. with the ICE Sprint trike is 32 kg!

Arcus was introduced at SPEZI 2015

We had over 400 visitors at our booth during the two days.

The prices for the DIY kit will start from  2700 €

You can choose from these four colors.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact
Mr. Arto Joutsimäki
info (at)





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