Transfer and warranty


Since the transfer costs vary so much depending of the country and city of the customer, it is impossible to list all alternatives here. The weight of this kind of object is also very low, so the transfer cost remain the same if you order 1 – 5 fairings at the same time. This way you can save hundrets of euros!

Here some examples:

DE – Lübeck: € 280,-
DE – Hamburg: € 260,-
DE – Stuttgart: € 350,-
DE – München: € 360,-
NL – Amsterdam: € 350,-
BE – Brussels: € 360,-
ES – Barcelona: € 399,-
SE – Stockholm: € 250,-
DK – Copenhagen: € 310,-

Check your exact transportation costs by sending an eMail with your street address and country to


As a purchaser of a new Arcus Velomobile fairing, you can obtain an 1 (one) year warranty on the component parts. To qualify for this warranty, please register within 4 weeks after your purchase  at

Damage through inappropriate use, inadequate care and maintenance, falls, crashes, overloading through excess weight, incorrect assembly or modifications to the fairing is also not covered.

In case of warranty we will replace or repair the damaged part with a part of our choice or a new part equal to the old one (warranty obligation). We do not cover any transport, labour or any secondary costs.


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